Marketing to Females 18-34

Marketing to Females 18-34 means engaging conversations, relevant content and smart targeting.

Did you know that the majority of online gamers are, females 18 - 34. Makes you think, doesn't it?.

According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project "More than men, women are enthusiastic online communicators, and they use email in a more robust way. Women are more likely than men to use email to write to friends and family about a variety of topics: sharing news and worries, planning events, forwarding jokes and funny stories. Women are more likely to feel satisfied with the role email plays in their lives, especially when it comes to nurturing their relationships. And women include a wider range of topics and activities in their personal emails. Men use email more than women to communicate with various kinds of organizations."

It is important to concentrate online marketing efforts on communicative efforts, within highly relevant content areas such as health, beauty, religion, family, fashion, weather and gaming.

So lets take a look at email.

Although email has gotten a bad rap in the last few years, it is still an important part of the marketing mix.  It is still one of the best vehicles for staying in touch with your member, fan, or customer.  If you make the email informative and engaging, and not just a brochure for your product or service, you will build a dedicated reader base that will help carry your message further through world of mouth and STAF (send to a friend) programs. The brand/product/service to needs to shift focus and become outstanding content providers.

You HAVE to get social

It is imperative that you implement social marketing as part of your mix to reach females 18-34.  Now don't confuse that with social media (media purchased on social networking sites). Although social media is an important part of a marketing mix to build a brand awareness, remember, most people are very engaged in the content of a social networking site.  There is a certain amount of "banner blindness" that occurs. The key is to join the conversation. Start your own Facebook, MySpace and Bebo page. Update the content as often as possible, making sure you speak to your audience.

Run advertising in smart places

Create a marketing baseline by spending a few weeks learning about your online audience.  Using performance pricing you can find out very quickly what the hot areas are. When you know who they are, and you know where they live online, optimize the campaign to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Some interesting areas to look at when reaching online females are weather, gaming, health & beauty, e-cards and e-invites.

Experiment with mobile

Women are highly engaged with mobile devices, using them for research, communicating and entertainment. Mobile search programs to accompany the necessary online search campaigns drive massive amounts of traffic. Optimize your landing pages to mobile standards, and create iPhone compatible pages too. Explore app advertising, and consider building a downloadable application.



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