Our Process

LazBro, Inc. is process driven. It makes us efficient, keeps the project on time and on budget.

  1. process1 internalDEFINE THE TARGET AUDIENCE

    Using a combination of syndicated and proprietary research, we build a profile of your consumer.  This ensures that our message reaches those that count, making the campaign as effective as possible.

  2. process2 internalBUILD A DIGITAL STRATEGY

    Once we have identified the target consumer, we look at the digital ecosystem they live in. We consider everything: banners, search, social, mobile, and viral/word-of-mouth. We hone in on what drives your consumer, how they travel through the internet, and how they communicate with their peers.

  3. process3 internalPLAN AND BUY MEDIA

    Our established relationships in the digital marketing industry allows us to plan and buy the most efficient and effective online placements that money can buy.  We negotiate added value, and identify innovative and cutting edge interactive solutions to take your brand the extra mile online.

  4. process4 internalLAUNCH AND MANAGE

    Our team is there by your side every step of the way.  Our executive team, account managers and operational staff takes care of your campaign with dedication and passion. We launch on time, and ensure everything works. We monitor and optimize, getting the most out of the campaign and driving success.

  5. process5 internalOPTIMIZE, REPORT, OPTIMIZE

    We offer comprehensive reporting as often as you need it.  We build the report the way you like it, and deliver it in a format that you prefer. We make sure that our findings are actionable.  How can we improve the campaign? Is your money better spent in different interactive environments? Are there better converters for your brand? We learn, and then we optimize, making sure your campaign is as effective as it can possibly be.

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Email Playground

Designed to interface with Silverpop's Engage platform, providing their clients with a WYSIWYG interface. 

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