30 Second Spot

Which part of your 30 second spot would you like to run?

It was a high profile pitch meeting.  An uber-large client on one side of the conference table, and our pitch team on the other.  All the usual suspects were there: VP’s, marketing directors, assistants and, of course, the one person put there to test your knowledge of the digital space to see if you know what you are talking about.

“I know the answer to this question” she says softly, “I just want to see what you have to say.”
“Shoot” I say.
“Which part of digital should we be running: banners, search, social…what will be the most effective for our brand?” she says.

“Well…”, I say, “ I am going to answer your question with a question: Which part of your 30 second television spots would you like to run?”
She looks at me with a puzzled expression.
I ask again, “Which part works best for you? The first 10 seconds, the middle 10 seconds or the last 10 seconds?”
Again…puzzled. As was expected.
It is not very often that this question is put to a client that is used to running television spots and not so used to running digital campaigns.

“Let me explain” I say. “Digital marketing is synergistic. It is an ecosystem. Sure, we can run display ads, or search or put together a social media campaign, but the reality is, one feeds off the other, each one influencing the others activity. Holistic campaigns need to be thought of in two ways: holistic from the point of media vehicles (TV, print, OOH and digital) and holistic within media vehicles. Digital excels when intra-holistic philosophy is adopted and multiple touch-points within the digital ecosystem are covered. There is more than enough research that can be pulled that shows how digital marketing performance is enhanced by running across multiple digital vehicles. Display influences search. Social media increases brand awareness, which ultimately affects display performance and search. Social conversations create conversions due to the online testimonial effect that is created. Now add in well thought out targeting strategies, and you have an intra-holistic campaign that feeds off itself, lending itself to the ultimate definition of synergy: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

With all the press that digital is getting: its on its way out, it is not effective, it is dying a slow death…there is yet to be another medium that engages the consumer, is as measurable and as nimble as digital. It is our job as the client’s digital marketing arm, the extension of their business model that looks after their digital needs, to educate and inform them of the need to look beyond the banner and think beyond the click. Digital is not a monochromatic environment, but is rather filled with every color of the spectrum, providing us with ultimate palette to engage and interact with the consumer, on both a mass and personal level.

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